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Falsettos tells of Marvin, who leaves his wife and child for a man, creating a dysfunctional family, struggling to peacefully coexist. Growing and maturing alongside each other, the group, mixed with a wiry psychiatrist and lesbians from next door, discovers what it means to love and just how far they would go for it.

Val directed, vocal & music directed, and designed set, lighting & sound for the production. The show was set in the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts - SecondStage.

"A teeny-tiny band!"

For the first time, Upstage Theater featured a live band comprised of two keyboardists, a reed player, and a percussionist. Piano-conducted by Val, the band was located upstage of the skyline and played through the entire run time, due to the sing-through nature of the score. 

The arrangement of the black box theatre allowed for an intimate orchestral experience, even yielding a full pit view to a few side seats. 


A culmination of 9 months of preparation, Falsettos played a successful 3-show run, charming sold-out audiences for one magical weekend.

To learn more about the production, check out Broadway World's article on Upstage Theater's Falsettos, featuring an interview segment with Val!

“Each of these stories represents the neurotic and vulnerable nature of human relationships and the thing that ties all of us together in unthinkable ways: love.” - Director's note featured in the program

"Our day in Falsettoland.

You mean the world to me.

Thank you for making a home. Making a teeny-tiny band. We got it all.

Thank you for nurturing and caring for a little piece of my heart. Thank you for making a dream come true.

Never has it been more important to listen and grasp history. To the creators and witnesses, thank you for living the story. Whether it is a reluctant surrender or a passionate intention, thank you for leading and growing with love. Our show was fueled by love.

Shows can come and shows can go, but we’ll keep marching along with Falsettos rooted in our hearts.

'There are no answers but what would I do—no simple answers, but what would I do—if you had not been my friend?'

See you next time in Falsettoland,


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